Civil Municipal - Oct 2023

25 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 4, ISSUE 10 epresenting the balance between small-town charm and the amenities of a big city, American Fork is a thriving community, embodying the true American pioneer spirit. Established by Mormon settlers in 1850, it was one of the first cities in Utah’s development. Since then, American Fork has continued to evolve and thrive, boasting an exceptional quality of life for its 34,422 residents, offering top-notch schools and workplaces, along with an array of cultural and recreational amenities. With a central location and accessibility via Interstate 15, the city also serves as a regional hub of Northern Utah County. R AMERICAN FORK , UTAH Never losing its small-time charm, American Fork is forging new economic paths toward a prosperous future A VISIONARY COM BALANCING TRAD PROGRESS