Business View Civil and Municipal | October 2022

29 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 3, ISSUE 10 Lincolnton, NORTH CAROLINA Small town character, big on business A lthough beauty is often thought of as being in the eye of the beholder, there is no doubt that the Town of Lincolnton, North Carolina, is a beautiful gem for residents to call their own. Within a short commute to the bustling City of Charlotte and within throwing distance of the stunning Blue Mountains, Lincolnton has been able to retain enviable small-town charm, while still attracting big business and amenities often seen in much larger cities. A town known for its impressive number of green spaces and offering its residents 11 different parks to enjoy, Lincolnton is a wonderful place for outdoor enthusiasts or those that are attracted to a more active lifestyle. As Ed Hatley, Mayor of Lincolnton, describes, “Lincolnton is a small town but we are quickly becoming a suburb of Charlotte and we are experiencing the growth from Lincoln County, which is directly adjacent to AT A GLANCE LINCOLNTON, NORTH CAROLINA WHAT: An attractive, progressive small town; population 12,000 WHERE: Lincoln County, NC WEBSITE: Local Roots & Provisions