Business View Civil and Municipal | Volume 2, Issue 10

78 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 2, ISSUE 10 T he Blue Mountains, nestled between the Niagara Escarpment and the shores of Georgian Bay, is highly regarded as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the province of Ontario. Its iconic ski destination – Blue Mountain Resort and the four-season resort village that has grown at its base – are a place that visitors flock to for fun on the slopes in the winter, and for golf, fine dining, hiking, and biking during the summer season. A true four seasons mecca, spring and fall offer amazing scenic vistas and even more reasons to explore. Some municipal governments would believe that because people from all over come to enjoy the community, it is perfect just the way it is. But, the Town of Blue Mountains staff and council recognise they need to tackle some huge issues, like housing affordability, parking, and community safety to ensure that people from diverse socio-economic backgrounds can enjoy the town and its beautiful, natural environs. Mayor Alar Soever and the council of The Blue Mountains, know they need to take planning for a bright future to a new level. They know the future of the town relies on attracting young people and younger families, keeping the tourism industry vibrant, supporting the deep agricultural roots of the community, and ensuring the community is safe and maintains its small-town feel. Although Mayor Soever didn’t live in The Blue Mountains as a child, his parents maintained a cottage there and memories of his summers in the majestic natural surroundings brought him back for good. He recalls, “As I grew up I had a career as a geologist and travelled all over the world, and I can truly say that there NTAINS TARIO The Town of the , A rare natural gem Courtesy of Blue Mountain Resort