Business View Civil & Municipal l November 2022

79 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 3, ISSUE 9 COVINGTON, WASHINGTON Growing toward a great future AT A GLANCE COVINGTON, WASHINGTON WHAT: A thriving city in the Puget Sound region, incorporated in 1997. WHERE: King County, Washington WEBSITE: S ince its incorporation 25 years ago, the City of Covington has remained committed to the continued growth and development of the community, working to create an ideal place to live, work, and enjoy life. Located in Washington’s beautiful Puget Sound region, Covington is less than an hour’s drive from Seattle and Tacoma, a perfect place to call home for those who want to commute to the larger cities while enjoying the slower pace of a smaller community. There was a concerted effort to grow Covington into the city it is today, an effort that was not without hard work and determination. City Manager Regan Bolli acknowledges, “One of the unique challenges with developing this city has been that it was a little area out in the county that no one paid much attention to. When it was incorporated, we had to develop a loose transportation system and whatnot that were put in place by the county.” With a current population of just over 22,000 the city has experienced major growth over the past 10 years and is seeing a surge in development. “As far as residents, people really love living in Covington. It’s a great atmosphere. It’s a great community.