Business View Civil & Municipal l November 2022

29 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 3, ISSUE 9 NEWBERG, Steeped in tradition and blessed with natural assets S itting in the gorgeous Willamette River Valley between the mountains of eastern Oregon and the state’s picturesque western coastline is Newberg, a town of about 25,000 residents. It provides a perfect blend of fun and functionality for its residents and business owners. Newberg is home to George Fox University, a private Christian university originally founded as a school for Quakers in 1891. George Fox is now the largest private university in the state with more than 4,000 students between its main campus in Newberg and satellite campuses around Oregon. The history of Quakers’ settlement in and around Newberg has deep roots. The Quakers’ establishment in Oregon dated back to the 1870s when Iowa resident William Hobson urged his fellow Quakers to migrate and settle in the Newberg area. By 2009, the Quakers in Oregon as a whole was renamed Northwest Yearly AT A GLANCE NEWBERG, OREGON WHAT: City with a 25,000 population base in Willamette River Valley WHERE: Eastern Oregon WEBSITE: OREGON