Business View Civil & Municipal - May 2023

A curious thing about the adage “change is the only constant in life” is that the saying itself is one thing that always remains true. There is always a new challenge or opportunity to pursue, always a drive to make things better, and once in a while, the chance to redefine what’s possible. In our business, we thrive on change—  because when we improve, a lot of other things in life improve with us. At Cox Communications, we’ve driven change. Sixty years ago, when we started the company, we offered cable TV service. Today, our nationwide network powers in-home Wi-Fi that can manage multiple high- definition video and audio streams, 3D online gaming, multi-user teleconferencing, remote learning and a growing number of smart home devices and appliances. All of these new capabilities and experiences are possible thanks to faster network speeds. We’re proud to be an integral part of this ongoing technological transformation and the value it creates both for our customers and the communities we serve. It’s been a remarkable journey, but the work is far from done. It’s wonderful roughly three-quarters of American adults have broadband internet service at home but sobering to acknowledge that the digital divide is real and too many communities are still being left out of the growing digital economy. For more information visit Making Good on the Promise of Digital Equity Our commitment to Kansas is strong. We’re proud to partner with new communities and fulfill our promise to champion digital equity—bridging the digital divide with a state-of-the art network and affordable internet services for households of all incomes and economic statuses. It’s change for good—for all of us. But change is constant, and the digital divide in our country is changing. It’s shrinking, and we could not be more excited about our part in making that happen. Last year, we announced our pledge to bring broadband services to underserved and rural communities across the country. In Kansas, we’ve moved quickly and have recently launched service in eight communities: Assaria, Belle Plaine, Ellinwood, Westmoreland, Schulte, Haysville, Douglass, and a previously unserved area of Augusta. Residents in these communities, and even more to come, can now enjoy access to multi-gigabit speeds through the Cox network and participate in the digital community like everyone else. We’re proud to partner with new communities and fulfill our promise to champion digital equity.