Business View Civil and Municipal | May/June 2022

67 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 3, ISSUE 5 THE BOROUGH OF POMPTON LAKES, NEW JERSEY The Borough of Pompton Lakes, New Jersey may be small, but it’s mighty. The New York City suburb spans only three square miles, but the community of 11,000 has a rich history, lots of heart, and a future filled with growth and opportunity. “What makes Pompton Lakes such a special community is the people,” says Pompton Lakes Mayor Michael Serr. “We are a good mix of people who grew up here and raised a family here and then some decided to buy homes here. We have a great school system, a lot of historical sites, and a walkable downtown which brings in a big push of people from New York City, including a new influx of great young people. But our foundation is a community-minded base of people that really don’t have a problem with communicating and talking. We are the kind of place where you walk down the street and they’ll say hello to you, no matter who you are.” The borough is a waterfront mecca, settled along Pompton Lake to the east and Twin Lake on the north. Running through the community are three rivers – the Ramapo, Penquannock and Wanaque. Public access to all waterfronts offers plenty of recreational opportunities, such as fishing and boating. And a recently redeveloped shoreline along Lakeside Avenue offers stunning views of Pompton Lake. “We have a nice lake in the middle of town and we just revamped a brand new park that’s around there with all new equipment, including special needs equipment, and we also just History, Heart, and Opportunity