Business View Civil and Municipal | May 2021

54 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL MAY 2021 A charmer of Northeast Arkansas, surrounded by the Delta plains, the City of Paragould’s picturesque landscape is full of fascinating variations caused by the nearby geographical anomaly, Crowley’s Ridge. With unique narrow rolling hills, lush forests, and bountiful lakes, Paragould is the ideal setting for a vibrant community rich in history and full of potential. “Our population of 28,986 has doubled over the last 50 years,” reports Allison Hestand, Director of Economic Development and CEO of Paragould Regional Chamber of Commerce. “We’ve never had a regression; we continue to grow. We’re always welcoming newcomers and have houses readily available. We have some of the state’s lowest utility rates, as well as plenty of jobs. We have two public school systems – the Greene County Tech School District and the Paragould School District – along with two private schools, as well as the Black River Technical College (BRTC) and Crowley’s Ridge College (CRC). People also enjoy Crowley’s Ridge State Park, which is just about 10 miles outside our city limits.” AT A GLANCE PARAGOULD, ARKANSAS WHAT: A growing city rich in history; population 28,986 WHERE: In Green County, northeast Arkansas WEBSITE: PARAGOULD, Arkansas Th e b e s t k e p t s e c r e t