Business View Civil and Municipal | May 2021

157 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL MAY 2021 is with John Q Public. This project reviews the broadband connections in rural municipalities from a wider perspective, to explore opportunities to bring those reliable connections into the area. St. Clements also has people who are making connections with SpaceX’s Starlink program. Headed up by Elon Musk’s SpaceX program, it looks to use low earth orbit satellites to provide a low latency, broadband internet to meet the needs of consumers across the globe – particularly those areas that find traditional broadband methods a challenge. Joshi explains, “These projects to improve broadband connections in more remote areas also address inequalities in health, employment, and education within the region. The aims of these projects are to help make telehealth appointments, check-ups and video conferencing with their health provider easier.” Those without an internet connection sometimes THE RURAL MUNI C I PAL I TY OF ST CLEMENTS , MANI TOBA