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116 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL MAY 2021 F ounded in 1639, Taunton, Massachusetts is one of the oldest towns in the United States, with a history both fascinating and enviable. The settlement was named after the English town of Taunton to honor the origins of many members of the community. The Massachusetts town’s founder, an influential woman named Elizabeth Poole, has become known as the matriarch of Taunton. Along with the purchase of land, Poole financed many of the town’s earliest efforts, including the first dam and mill. She also owned shares in the ironworks and was a founder of Taunton’s first church. In 1774, the community erected a 112-foot liberty pole ssachusetts Bold and beautiful AT A GLANCE TAUNTON, MASSACHUSETTS WHAT: One of the oldest cities in the U.S.; population 58,000 WHERE: Bristol County, Massachusetts WEBSITE: