Business View Civil and Municipal | March 2021

92 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL MARCH 2021 Company, a family-owned pipe fabrication business. Nearby is Custom Metal Works, a manufacturer of metal parts. Together, both companies form the city’s industrial section, although, there are plans for a more official area in the future. As Barrow states, “We are working on developing zones where we might have an industrial park with warehouse-type work. We already have several possible locations in the city identified on our masterplan for growth.” This northern area of Central has a broad selection of housing to choose from, with even more choice throughout the rest of the community. It could be a house in a new development, like one of the modern subdivisions with single-family units, or a pre- existing multifamily home. According to Barrow, “Despite the age or type of house, property values out here have maintained their worth and have increased since we incorporated. They are very good right now. Lately, residents have put houses up for sale and they aren’t on the market long. That is a good sign.” Slow growth is a big focus for the community because that’s what the majority of residents want. Many choose to live in Central because of its rural suburban charm and they want the city to remain as it is – a place that is safe, secure, and where people look out for each other. Local businesses are encouraged to grow and the many young families in the area help boost the economy. The younger generation also benefits from the Central Community School AT A GLANCE CENTRAL, LOUISIANA WHAT: A charming, rural suburb; population 29,000 WHERE: Approximately 10 miles northeast of Baton Rouge, LA WEBSITE: