Business View Civil and Municipal | March 2021

81 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL MARCH 2021 that anymore. I think in three to five years we are going to see lights and signs everywhere.” Growth is happening in Millbrook, and the city is ready for it. Cox sums it up well, explaining, “There is tremendous interest here; our job now is strategic growth. We don’t want to have somebody come in that’s not going to be good in the market, or not fit our plan. We are going to grow, whether we do things right or wrong, so our job is to do it in the right way.” As they move forward, the goal is to continue building a prosperous city that represents Millbrook’s very apt tagline, which is: Comfort, convenience and community. MI LLBROOK , ALABAMA PROUD PARTNER OF ELMORE COUNTY SINCE 2005 OUR SERVICES INCLUDE BROADBAND PLANNING, CIVIL/SITE DESIGN, TRAFFIC/TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING, SURVEY, CE&I, AND GIS. SAIN.COM ENGINEERING BETTER PARTNERSHIPS