Business View Civil and Municipal | March 2021

177 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL MARCH 2021 Polymer that produced the material that went into the gowns Stanfield’s were providing. Again, a bit of local business cooperation that landed a pretty major federal contract, so we’re very happy about that.” Rolling with the changes has seen Truro once more enter an era of growth in new directions, and COVID-19 actually may have helped. “We did a shift when the pandemic began,” explains Manager of Economic Development, Alison Grant. “We started focusing more on our individual businesses, especially our small businesses. Particularly, we wanted to help those that were the worst affected by the pandemic such as our restaurants, our retail sector, and our personal care services. So, along with the Downtown Truro Partnership, we launched a couple of initiatives and some incentive programs. One of those initiatives was to use our own currency, called Downtown Truro Dollars, which are accepted at over 100 local businesses, as an incentive. We encouraged people to shop local by offering TOWN OF TRURO, NOVA SCOT I A