Business View Civil and Municipal | March 2021

171 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL MARCH 2021 AMHERST , NOVA SCOT I A “We did some work a few years ago revitalizing our downtown. It was mostly cosmetic and what I would call “streetscaping” but COVID has hit our smaller mom and pop businesses pretty hard. We need to do some work attracting new types of businesses and more mixed-use facilities. One of the other things we have been doing, as we move forward, is increasing and improving our municipal functioning relationships with the other municipalities within Cumberland County. It helps with procurement and infrastructure, as well.” The town administration often receives compliments on the team approach they take with respect to development inquiries. People who show interest and then get to the development stage are fortunate to deal with business development specialists like Tamara Porter and her associates. At that point, the town’s engineers and planning staff and finance staff also become involved, so that everyone understands upfront what is possible and how the town can help and what it might cost. “I think Amherst is and should be attractive for businesses who are looking to invest here but also to folks who are looking to relocate here,” says Herrett, “Our quality of life is incredible. We have wonderful schools, a wonderful hospital, lots of recreation assets, and housing prices that are very attractive, especially if you come from some of the larger cities, where effectively you can cash out and have money left over when you move here. And if those larger cities are your thing, they are only an hour away. You literally have the best of all worlds here.”