Business View Civil and Municipal | March 2021

103 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL MARCH 2021 WEST MONROE , LOUI S I ANA not currently doing. I was not Mayor at the time, I was an alderman. With the six years of effort, and the momentum that is going, we have just finished a comprehensive downtown master plan. The new businesses and the interest in downtown right now is just phenomenal.” The thriving city core currently has more than 70 small businesses, including antique shops, restaurants, retail, salons, and spas. “It is pretty amazing to see, and I think that the growth is very much grassroots driven,” adds Hornsby. “Now that the Mayor is in office, there is municipal support for downtown. We are very excited about what the future holds once we can fundraise and write grants and do some of the implementation of the master plan. It is amazing already that we have that many businesses, but we want to make it a true hub, not just of economic activity, but also a social and cultural component for festivals, events, and gatherings.” Flying Heart Brewery is now in the construction phase of their downtown location. With a community-minded approach to business, they are expected to be a huge draw to the area. The family-friendly brewery, which sells craft beer and craft pizza, also features outdoor space for live entertainment and games. Summing up what makes West Monroe so special, the Mayor shares, “It is the people that make you want to live somewhere and we want this to be the best small town it can be. It’s a beautiful place. A good, friendly, faith-based place to live, where you can go places and know people and feel at home. Or if you need help, you can get it.” West Monroe, a Louisiana treasure, so much to love.