Civil Municipal - Mar 2024

is with the Prairie Spirit School Division. “We have a mutually beneficial arrangement where we share facilities, recognizing that ultimately, it’s the taxpayers who benefit,”Mayor Philipchuk notes. This synergy extends to Great Plains College, with whom Warman collaborates to align educational offerings with the city’s workforce needs. Additionally, Mayor Philipchuk highlights Warman’s involvement with the Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority (SREDA). “As the regional chair, I have the opportunity to work on projects that benefit the entire Saskatoon region,” he says. This role is crucial in planning for the region’s future growth, with strategies in place to accommodate up to a million residents over the next 50 years. Mayor Philipchuk also touches on Warman’s commitment to reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, following the Government of Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation initiatives. “We are active Prairie Rivers ReconciliationCircle members,” he shares. This involvement is about economic collaboration but also encompasses social, healthcare, and infrastructure development, underlining the importance of understanding and working together for the collective good. PRIORITIZING HEALTHCARE: A VISION FOR THE FUTURE As Warman continues to evolve and expand, the focus on enhancing community services, particularly healthcare, becomes increasingly paramount. The city’s leadership recognizes the critical need for accessible and efficient healthcare services, especially given the rapid population growth. This focus not only addresses a fundamental need of the residents but also represents a significant step in making Warman a self-sustaining urban center. Mayor Philipchuk outlines the primary objective for 2024, advocating for the Provincial government to emphasize the vital role of healthcare in Warman’s future. “We’re actively pursuing the establishment of an urgent care center and ambulance services within Warman,” he reveals. The goal extends to potentially incorporating limited inpatient care facilities, revolutionizing the city’s healthcare landscape. This initiative underscores a proactive 149 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 5, ISSUE 03 WARMAN, SASKATCHEWAN