Business View Civil and Municipal | Volume 3, Issue 3

9 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 3, ISSUE 3 partners anticipate that thousands of residents in Southern West Virginia will be engaged in a collaborative process. They will create hundreds of jobs and support more than 500 businesses in launching or expanding. More than 100 community revitalization projects will launch and up to 30,000 square feet in existing buildings will be evaluated for remediation and renovation opportunities. Quotes from WV Community and Business Resilience Initiative Project Leads Advantage Valley Executive Director Terrell Ellis: “We’re taking the most effective strategies from each of the partners in the WV Community and Business Resilience Initiative. Advantage Valley’s FASTER WV program is a time-tested model to support the creation of new and expanded businesses and create new jobs. Working in partnership with WV Hive means we can share expertise on green business practices with our clients which makes our services even more impactful. We’re anticipating more than 250 new jobs created and more than 120 new businesses through our combined efforts.” Northern WV Brownfields Assistance Center Director Carrie Staton: “Residents working to make positive change in West Virginia OPENING L INES