Business View Civil and Municipal | Volume 3, Issue 3

66 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 3, ISSUE 3 AT A GLANCE WINSLOW, ARIZONA WHAT: A community of 9000 on the I-40 corridor in Northeast Arizona WHERE: Navajo County, Arizona WEBSITE: T he City of Winslow, in Navajo County, Arizona, is a growing rural community rich with opportunity. Centuries before its founding, the area was home to thriving civilizations. Evidence of an ancient Hopi village is on display at Homolovi State Park, one of many tourist attractions in the community. Other tourism draws include a 9/11 Remembrance Garden, with an installation displaying metal remnants from the Twin Towers; The Old Trails Museum, offering the history of the region; and the historic La Posada Hotel, recently restored, and one of Arizona’s highest ranked hotels. Prior to the building of the I-40 corridor, Winslow was a stop on the famous Route 66, and is mentioned in the Eagles 1972 hit, Take Winslow, A R I Z O N A “A City in Motion” it Easy, prompting the creation of the popular Standin’ on the Corner Park, where thousands of visitors stop to take pictures weekly. Only a short distance from destinations such as the Grand Canyon, Meteor Crater, and the Petrified Forest, the city is a stopover for tourists seeking out those attractions. Adjacent to the Navajo Nation, the largest Native American territory in the United States, Winslow also borders the Apache and Hopi nations, adding to the diversity of this friendly and welcoming community. City Manager, John C. Barkley shares, “With its rich history, friendly people, diverse culture, and proximity to many wonders of northern Arizona, Winslow is a wonderful small city.” Just 58 miles from the City of Flagstaff, and