Business View Civil and Municipal | Volume 3, Issue 3

64 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 3, ISSUE 3 an immense need for single-family residential, and we’re seeing a ton of new growth in our area. A few years back, the Town created an Infill Incentive Plan which created flexibility for those developers by generating opportunities to look at fee structures and offer flexibility with zoning. That plan has been used by developers recently to get much-needed single-family homes and services into the Town.” Florence is also in the process of doing some Master Plans for its Heritage Square on the north end of town, bringing forth new commercial opportunities to cater to our growing population. “We have a significant amount of people in Town during the day,” Vallender reports. “Our critical workforce here is a lot of government and correctional officers. And as we increase those densities in the evening hours with more homes and apartments, we’ll create more opportunity for our local businesses to thrive.” PREFERRED VENDOR/PARTNER n Ferguson Enterprises