Business View Civil and Municipal | June 2022

65 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 3, ISSUE 6 TOWN OF Sahuarit N amed for the majestic Saguaro cactus covering the nearby Sonoran Desert, the Town of Sahuarita is one of Arizona’s fastest-growing communities. The town has been home to Indigenous peoples for thousands of years, despite only being incorporated in 1994. Some of its earliest inhabitants were the pre-historic Honokam, who were attracted to the landscape’s sublime Sonoran Desert Mountains, abundant sunshine, and rich planting soil. These same reasons still inspire people to call Sahuarita home today. Added benefits like affordable housing, steady employment options, and top-tier amenities only add to its appeal. It is a town ripe with possibility and potential, where the next exciting project is always on the horizon. “For me, it’s our residents who make this the premier community of choice. We’re typically ranked as one of southern Arizona’s safest places, which says a lot about our quality of life,” shares Mayor Tom Murphy, who moved into the community 18 years ago after retiring from