Business View Civil and Municipal | Volume 2, Issue 6

8 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 2, ISSUE 6 is appropriate that this project is being done in Silicon Valley, a center of global innovation, where we have so much talent and so many great thinkers. I’m so proud to be a Californian when I see projects like this where we’ve used creative solutions to help solve problems like housing and homelessness in an innovative and entrepreneurial way. The Homekey program helps our fellow citizens in need and we should all be proud of what we are able to accomplish when we work together.” LifeMoves CEO Aubrey Merriman: “Our new Mountain View site is also a tool in the fight for equity and social justice. We know that the pandemic has had a disparate impact on communities of color. As we grow our capacity to serve neighbors made homeless in the pandemic, our pandemic response is also an equity response. Even before the pandemic, we know that communities of color were over- represented in the population experiencing homelessness. As we scale our impact to serve those people most impacted, our housing solution is also an equity solution. This site will help us move more people from homelessness to housing and also help us to build a more just and inclusive community.” CALL TO ACTION “With 10 more of these modular, supportive interim housing locations throughout Silicon Valley, we can serve nearly 20,000 people over the next 5 years. That is the scale needed to significantly impact homelessness in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area, and LifeMoves is committed to doing its part to build and operate these sites. We need philanthropic support, we need land, we need city and county support, we need to involve our peer service providers,” stated Joe Stockwell, Chair of the Board, LifeMoves. “We have the programs, we have the experience, we have the will. Each of these sites will cost $25M to build and operate for 5 years and can be implemented within 6 months with city and county leadership, core public funding, and visionary commitment from our business and philanthropic communities. This $250M call to action by LifeMoves is a first step consistent with the larger regional action plan recently announced by AllHome and with the Big City Mayors’ recent call for State funding to combat homelessness. LifeMoves is the largest provider of interim housing services in Silicon Valley and we are raising our hand to lead in this effort.” Please join us in helping us take the necessary steps to eradicate homelessness in our communities. The need is so great, we need your help. Please contact Katherine Finnigan, Chief Development Officer at LifeMoves ( kfinnigan@ ) if you would like to help fund these projects. Contact Joanne Price, VP Real Estate at LifeMoves ( ) if you are a government official and would like to site one of these innovative, interim housing solutions in your city. LifeMoves Mountain View is a great example of what can happen when state government, local government, corporations, non-profits and philanthropy work together