Business View Civil Municipal June 2023

110 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 4, ISSUE 6 PREFERRED VENDOR/PARTNER n Valmont Industries, Inc. Valmont® is here to modernize vital infrastructure and increase agricultural productivity, sustainably and reliably. We conserve resources and improve life, finding ways to make innovation and technology beneficial in the real world. That’s the value we add. Visit to learn more. n Minnwest Bank those events, it’s an opportunity for other people from elsewhere to experience Farmington’s greatest trait – our sense of pride and community. That’s the feedback we hear often from those that have not been to Farmington before. They comment, ‘There’s so much charm in your community, there’s such a sense of pride in your community.’ That’s something we hold very near and dear. It’s something we’re very passionate about protecting as we grow and our community evolves into something that resembles a much larger city. We want to hold on to that because that’s our defining trait.” As Farmington continues to grow and attract new businesses, residents, and tourists, Hoyt plans to stick to the city’s vision for growth and carry on building in a way that is intentional, careful, and strategic. From new business to health care, Farmington has put it all into focus. Continuing to work with valuable and trusted community partners such as Trinity Health Services, the city is moving in the right direction to encourage further growth. The community engagement with the city works both ways. For Joy Lauterbach, Director of Activities & Volunteer Services working with the city has been a supportive and productive collaborative experience “Farmington has never let us fail. The community is always there to support us and support every one of our neighbors. This is Farmington.” “Our top focus is on our vision, what our vision is, and laying the foundation for the implementation of that vision,” he says. “I’m telling our story everywhere and anywhere and showing up. We’re getting the word out there about Farmington because it is Farmington’s time and we want to provide the opportunity for others to be involved in our great city.”