Business View Civil & Municipal | July 2022

43 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 3, ISSUE 7 Amherst, Nova Scotia A H I D D E N G E M R ich with history, the small maritime town of Amherst, Nova Scotia, takes a progressive approach in everything from infrastructure to tourism. Home to a spectacular collection of sandstone buildings, the atmospheric town offers a showcase of heritage treasures. Located within two hours of the provincial capital of Halifax, Amherst is also an hour from Moncton, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island, making it an ideal base to explore eastern Canada. Mayor David Kogon boasts, “Amherst is a very old historical community that provides a wonderful location near the ocean, with wonderful people. It’s a vibrant, not huge, town.” He describes the community of 9,400 residents as the urban center for Cumberland County and the region, noting, “It’s big enough to be very attractive, but not too big to be problematic. We’re small enough to be a close-knit community.” Jeff Bacon, Business Development Officer and lifelong Amherst AT A GLANCE AMHERST, NOVA SCOTIA WHAT: A charming, small Maritime town; population 9400 WHERE: Cumberland County, Nova Scotia WEBSITE: