Business View Civil and Municipal | Volume 2, Issue 7

41 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 2, ISSUE 7 TOWN OF WEST SENECA , NEW YORK We’ve had our ups and downs, like everywhere else, but we also have a strong workforce. We’re primarily made up of a lot of small businesses that during the pandemic found unique ways to quickly adapt. We’ve made it out the other side, which is great to see.” Gary Dickson, West Seneca Supervisor, notes how the area’s strong neighborhoods also set it apart. Like Kirchmyer, many of the residents have lived in town for most of their lives. Dickson explains, “These are great neighborhoods. I talked to a 70-year-old woman recently and she’d lived in her house for 68 years. I think it’s the reputation and attractiveness of the town that there are people who would think of living nowhere else. That’s really a testament to the residents and to the feeling of neighborliness we all want to support.” Dickson describes how many of these neighborhoods are starting to change as some of the older residents are moving into patio- style homes. The majority of the houses are reasonably priced, so younger families are moving in and bringing with them a “refreshing spirit.” The entire area is experiencing a housing boom and is prepared with a diverse inventory of homes ranging from immaculately kept ones built in the 1960s and ‘70s to newly constructed ones costing about $500,000. Regardless of type or style, houses are often sold as soon as they are listed or built. Kirchmyer looks forward to the next few months when even more housing complexes will begin construction. But it’s not just the residential market that’s on the rise, it’s also commercial real estate. “We do have a growing industrial park and a couple of corridors in town, primarily Ridge To help members recover from the COVID pandemic, the West Seneca Chamber of Commerce created the Chamber Cares Grant Program and awarded 25 grants to West Seneca businesses and organizations during the height of the pandemic. West Seneca’s Veterans Park, on the Town Hall campus, is an outstanding tribute to those who serve and have served in our country’s armed forces.