Business View Civil and Municipal | Volume 2, Issue 7

32 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 2, ISSUE 7 YORK S itting pretty in the Town of Ossining, New York, the Village of Ossining brings a wealth of heritage, cultural diversity, and natural beauty to Westchester County. Seventeenth-century Dutch maps show “Sint Sinck” village –“stone upon stone”– referencing the limestone beds in the southern part of the Village. The Sint Sincks sold land to Frederick Philipse in 1685, and remained part of Philipsburg Manor until the end of the Revolutionary War. “Sing Sing” hamlet became a port for sending produce to NYC in the early 1800s, and on April 2, 1813, it became the first incorporated village in the County to be state- chartered. Construction on the famous Sing Sing Prison began in 1825 and the Village name officially changed from “Sing Sing” to “Ossining” in 1901. Today, the delightful Village is home to about 25,000 people who reside in the 3.5 square miles of this historic community on the Hudson River. Visitors, residents, and businesses, alike, tout the Village of Ossining as a mecca for AT A GLANCE VILLAGE OF OSSINING, NEWYORK WHAT: A culturally diverse, welcoming community; population approx. 25,000 WHERE: On the Hudson River, Westchester County, NY WEBSITE: History on the Hudson