Civil and Municipal - Jan 2024

He points to Stafford County Public Schools’ commitment to excellence, innovative programs, and collaborative community par tnerships, sharing, “Children under the age of 18, represent approximately 20% of every community’s population, but they represent 100% of the future. We are going to continue to be relevant because we are crafting the future for our community. However, I think that Stafford County Schools will attain a level of prominence in the future, based on the type of programming that we put in place and the expectations for academic performance that we have for our kids that position them well in the marketplace so that they can contribute in a meaningful way.” PREFERRED VENDOR/PARTNER n Associated Building Maintenance Co., Inc. Award-winning Associated Building Maintenance, a recognized industry leader in the contract cleaning business delivers expert knowledge, unmatched customer care, highly- quality training, and top-tier management practices, all served with a smile. With over 30 years of experience led by an all-women and operate team, Associated Building Maintenance Co., Inc. will continue to sweep the competition by doing what it does best; paying immaculate attention to detail, providing unparalleled expertise, and maintaining laser-focused client care. 306 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 5, ISSUE 01