Civil and Municipal - Jan 2024

“The proceeds of the sale of that home go to finance our Building and Construction Trades Program. It’s fully funded and self-funded, the kids design it, the kids build it. They’re supervised during the process,” Dr. Taylor explains. With 25 homes completed, he says all of them are occupied, and are a source of pride for the district. “They’re fabulous homes, and our kids are very proud of the fact that they had a hand in building a house from start to finish all in one year.” Stafford Schools takes pride in its collaborative efforts, notably with Samaha Architects, commissioned to design prototypes for the new elementary schools. Dr. Taylor also acknowledges valuable partnerships with Howard Shockey & Sons, who will be building the new high school, and local cybersecurity firm GCubed Inc., who are contributing majorly to the district’s cybersecurity program. “In general, I am just absolutely proud of the 302 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 5, ISSUE 01