Business View Civil and Municipal | Volume 9, Issue 1

87 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 3, ISSUE 1 Street Pumping Station is the next big project. A street repair tender is being sent out to alleviate the current bottleneck issues on North Street. Work will hopefully begin in June 2022. Hearns clarifies that the Township must move ahead with the Pumping Station project to be able to accommodate the present population and future growth. Stirling-Rawdon also must maintain 22 kilometers of the former King’s Highway 14. It was a collector highway until 1996, when the Ministry of Transportation downloaded it to Hastings County. “It’s a huge expenditure for our small municipality to look after,” says Hearns. “We’ve been trying to work with the province to receive stabilized funding to help offset the deficit. Work on the section in our boundaries is estimated at $30 million.” The Township is collaborating with other municipalities through the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO), the Ontario Good Roads Association (OGRA), and the Rural Ontario Municipal Association (ROMA) to lobby the government for funding to offset these costs. One benefit to having a well-travelled road within the Township is traffic for local businesses. Hearns admits that business attraction and retention can be a challenge, but most storefronts are filled. Local marketing campaigns on radio station 95.5 Hits FM help. Stirling-Rawdon also has a surprisingly diverse business sector, including craft breweries like Longtooth Beverage Co., and farms like The Apple Store Cooney Farms, as well as Russett Farms. There’s also the Stirling Creamery Ltd., which has been operating for over 95 years, and the brand-new Quietly Coffee. On the more industrial side are Skye Automation Inc., several trucking companies, and many highly-skilled cabinet makers. Mayor Mullin exclaims, “You can obtain your everyday needs within Stirling-Rawdon, without having to leave the municipality.” Redden adds how community events like the Water Buffalo Food festival and the recent Market in the Village, which are Friday night farmers’ markets, are a great addition. “They bring people to the community. There’re many great things happening in Stirling-Rawdon. The people who live here are welcoming and friendly, making it a great place to live and run a business.” TOWNSHI P OF ST I RL ING-RAWDON, ONTAR IO