Business View Civil and Municipal | Volume 9, Issue 1

72 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 3, ISSUE 1 business partnerships and land development opportunities. “One of the things we’ll be doing is convening a series of monthly meetings with particular department heads, ensuring that all the divisions involved in business growth, development, and expansion are aware of what’s moving down the pipeline in each other’s queue,” McDermott stated. “Doing so will afford our department heads the opportunity to review shared projects and priorities, exchange input, and ensure that any businesses which comes to the Town transitions smoothly through the permitting process.” “What we’re focused on is building those contacts and managing relationships within our general business community long-term,” explained Dumas. “I really look forward to taking those relationships that Kevin’s established and cementing them further, so we remain that lead community for years to come”, McDermott added. “It’s all about securing that business pipeline and attracting those entrepreneurs who are bringing innovation, new ideas, new investment, and new employment to the Town of Mansfield.” PREFERRED VENDORS/PARTNERS n Mansfield Municipal Electric Department n Live Nation