Business View Civil and Municipal | Volume 9, Issue 1

65 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 3, ISSUE 1 J ust 35 miles south of Boston, the Town of Mansfield is on prime land and uniquely positioned to grow culturally, commercially, and as a place to live. With convenient MBTA commuter rail access to Boston, Providence, and Cape Cod; a municipal airport; and Town operated water and electric departments; Mansfield has established itself as an appealing destination for businesses investing in e-commerce, biotechnology, and the life sciences. For those reasons, this Bristol County suburb is poised to standout as an investment hotspot and a key driver in the regional medical technology and R&D arenas for years to come. “It’s been a very busy year,” confirmed Town Manager Kevin Dumas, as he shared examples of how Mansfield has begun to implement the goals laid out in its latest 10-year Comprehensive Master Plan. “We’ve hired our first Economic Development Director – Christopher McDermott – and continue to strengthen and support our business community. And, really, that is the focus and the catalyst for our Discover Mansfield initiative.” Fully launched in July of this year, the Discover Mansfield public relations and marketing campaign has been incredibly successful. This effort includes a website (choosemansfield. com), Discover Mansfield branded Facebook and Twitter accounts, and a new LinkedIn page for the Town. “The amount of action and the number of hits to the various sites has been phenomenal,” Dumas said. “You can see the high quality of the visual product, plus all of the social media postings that talk about our endeavors: the good projects, the grant opportunities, and the continued developments we’re doing in the Town.” As Mansfield’s first Economic Development Director, and the individual responsible for coordinating these public relations initiatives, Christopher McDermott will work closely with Penta Communications to ensure that outreach Mansfield, Embracing the vision