Business View Civil and Municipal | January 2021

84 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL JANUARY 2021 Updated fiber services offer a great opportunity for residences and business to have high speed internet connections. Ideal for those who work from home. As development in the city progresses, many city staff are working remotely due to COVID. During the pandemic, Union City has focused on marketing strategies to reinforce community safety, including promotion of recommendations from the CDC and encouraging mask wearing. City services have also been streamlined to assist citizens in conducting business online as much as possible. During these unusual times, our Chamber of Commerce continues to provide support and assistance to local businesses. “The South Fulton Chamber of Commerce is instrumental in supporting our business community and they have been a long-standing partner in terms of the city’s success,” Fillingame shares. While Union City continues to build a strong and connected city, they are looking to the future. “We are a vibrant community that’s made up of PREFERRED VENDORS n VC3 Are you ready to unlock the potential in your IT? VC3 makes IT management easy for Georgia cities and towns. Maximize your potential with reliable, secure, and powerful technology solutions. n SAFEbuilt | passionate residents whose values are based on family and the inclusion of all members of the community – the business community and all residents,” says Fillingame, “We value diversity and embrace different perspectives while building a welcoming community. Our top priorities are community investment, economic development, public safety, and innovation. Just really moving the needle of progress and success.” Union City’s commitment to investment in these areas suggests a strong and innovative city that will continue to thrive for generations. A growing community, with a big heart.