Business View Civil and Municipal | January 2021

65 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL JANUARY 2021 SEA TEXAS T he City of Seagoville, Texas is the kind of place people fall in love with when they visit because of its small town community feel, friendly residents, and helpful city staff that treat everyone like family. It’s one of the reasons Seagoville’s population is growing steadily, causing the city to need to update and expand their infrastructure, relocate and add to emergency services. And it’s why the city’s business and retail sector finds room for established businesses and entrepreneurs alike. Seagoville’s official slogan “The City of Opportunity” isn’t just a tagline to municipal staff, councillors, or residents. It’s a promise! And everyone is committed to the success of this thriving municipality. Seagoville City Manager Pat Stallings boasts, “It’s a great place to live, work and play. We have nine parks, which is more than most cities our size. It’s what a I call a perfect community – close to an urban setting, but you still have the rural feel of being in the country. Our population was just under 12,000 in 2010 and has grown to over 17,000 in 2020, but I believe in recent years there has been a population boom and that the current population could be significantly higher than that with a new census.” Considered a suburb of Dallas, Seagoville is located in Dallas County with a small portion on the southeastern part encroaching into Kaufman County. Seagoville’s northwestern border butts up against the City of Dallas, only 20 miles from its downtown core, giving residents and businesses access to all the amenities that an urban environment offers and the relaxation and peace of mind of living in a rural community setting. GO City of Opportunity