Business View Civil & Municipal | Volme 3, Issue 2

66 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 3, ISSUE 2 chigan T he city of Hazel Park, Michigan has a long history of community spirit and civic mindedness, beginning years before its incorporation in 1942. Although the first settlers arrived in the 1830s, it wasn’t until Henry Ford opened his Highland Park plant in the area in 1914, that the community saw major growth. This growth was somewhat problematic, as Hazel Park was lacking in infrastructure to support the influx of residents. The citizens took it upon themselves to initiate improvements, leading to traffic management, schools, and police services. Many businesses were also opened in the area, creating a thriving community. The construction of I-75 through Hazel Park in the 1960s brought change once again, with the destruction of the business district as part of the freeway expansion. Through it all, Hazel Park has retained the welcoming, friendly, and close-knit community spirit that has carried through from its early beginnings to the progressive city it is today. AT A GLANCE HAZEL PARK, MICHIGAN WHAT: A community of 15,000, with a growing industrial sector WHERE: Oakland County, Michigan WEBSITE: Sharing the community spirit