Business View Civil & Municipal | Volme 3, Issue 2

57 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 3, ISSUE 2 C aptivating Niagara Falls, Ontario is a force to be reckoned with on so many levels. Harnessing power from the mighty Niagara River, the unmatched tourism draw of the beloved “Falls”, and when it comes to the growth of the city, itself, the exceptional power of positive thinking – led by Mayor and chief visionary, Jim Diodati. The Mayor’s ever-optimistic way of looking at life came through crystal clear in a recent conversation with Business View. Prepare to be inspired… BVM: Can you give us an overview of Niagara Falls as a destination, today? Diodati: “Even with COVID, we’re still the number one leisure destination in Canada. We’re probably down 30 to 50 percent from our usual numbers – typically, we get close to 14 million visitors annually with 25 percent coming from the U.S. But we made it up with staycations from Ontarians coming to Niagara Falls. Although people say it’s a good idea to diversify, it’s pretty hard not to be heavily involved in tourism when you live right next door to one of the great natural wonders of the planet. You lead with your strengths, so we’re still primarily a tourist destination. “It’s an interesting dichotomy because we have 100,000 people living in the city but 12 to 14 million people coming to visit. As a result, you get all the amenities of a much bigger city but you still get the folksy charm of a smaller community. Forty thousand people in our city count on tourism to feed their families. One thing I’ll say about people in tourism, resilience is built into your DNA. Whether it’s health related, 9/11, currency fluctuations, Mother Niagara Fa Harnessing the power of positivity