Business View Civil and Municipal | February 2021

38 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL FEBRUARY 2021 Proactive Response (CPR) COVID-19, an effort mobilizing the larger tech ecosystem to fight the pandemic by producing new respirators, open source face shields, air purification devices, and more. • The State partnered with iBIO (Illinois Biotechnology Association) and IMA (Illinois Manufacturers’ Association) to ramp up production of supplies • Researchers at the University of Illinois created a groundbreaking COVID-19 saliva test which will soon be used across the country Additional collaborations that are fueling Illinois’ recovery include the Illinois COVID Response Fund, which collected and distributed more than $30 million to 62 nonprofit organization that help individuals, families and communities throughout the state and All In Illinois, a collaboration aimed at keeping Illinoisans safe at home. With these tremendous assets and the planning in place, the future is bright for Illinois. In 2020 Illinois saw numerous investments in distribution and warehouses, offices, manufacturing, headquarters and data centers. Intersect Illinois, together with the State of Illinois’ Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, will continue to target growth industries to bring jobs and growth to Illinois. Submitted by: Alya Woods, Acting CEO and COO, Intersect Illinois