Business View Civil and Municipal | Volume 2, Issue 12

73 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 2, ISSUE 11 non-vehicular, as well. There is also an initiative to expand our sewer treatment plant capacity, and the creation of a new public safety center project to be located in our Historic Downtown Commercial District.” In almost every area, the City of Patterson is looking ahead and preparing for the future. This includes sustainable initiatives that are assisted by the State of California, where the Air Quality Monitoring board provides generous incentives to adopt green policies. Patterson’s commitment goes beyond simply qualifying for financial incentives, however – the city understands that sustainability is simply the right approach to take. It has ordered two electric trucks, replaced street lighting with LED bulbs, and installed several megawatts of solar panels. One of Patterson’s recent business attractions is S2A Modular which really embodies the city’s green approach. S2A Modular manufactures homes that are off-grid and completely self- sufficient. What’s more, the product that they manufacture is a net-zero product, but also the manufacturing process in and of itself is net-zero. The S2A Modular facility is under construction and upon its completion will eventually produce upwards of 300 livable wage skilled jobs. Looking ahead over the next three to five years, Patterson is aiming to continue its upward trajectory. “We are looking to build a brand- new community center and improve our local infrastructure to strengthen connections between our residents, increase wages, and aim to ensure that families feel comfortable living and raising kids of their own in Patterson,” says McCord. James concurs, adding, “There’s also a downtown revitalization effort that we are very excited about. Our goal is to create an improved downtown area that is pedestrian-friendly, encourages investment, and becoming a tourist destination. In order to create a “blueprint” for our revitalization efforts we are embarking on a downtown master plan as we speak.” From Irwin’s perspective, he shares, “I expect we will continue to develop as we have been, as we have so many plans and initiatives that we still want to finalize that could continue the city’s impressive growth.” Some of the proposals that Patterson residents are most vocal about include the construction of a local hospital, as well as the addition of a more vibrant restaurant scene. Given the development that the city has experienced in recent times, it’s unlikely to be long before those amenities are in place. PATTERSON, CAL I FORNI A