Business View Civil and Municipal | Volume 2, Issue 12

65 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 2, ISSUE 11 Frazier states. “We’re talking about dental hygienists, the police force and teachers. These are professionals who serve us and fulfill our needs. That’s what we’re trying to attain right now. And we have a huge development coming on the market called Spirit of Sebastian. We’ve been working on it with the developer, Chuck Mechling, for years. It has that mix of housing we’ve been talking about, so we’re excited for it to get going.” The city has just launched the Sustainable Sebastian program, an initiative endorsed by the City Council in a 2019 resolution to be a better friend to the Planet Earth. “We’re moving forward and weaving that into all of our major projects – our Stormwater Master Plan, our coastal resiliency efforts, even our Integrated Pest Management Plan,” Frazier shares. “We’re probably the first in the State to do that.” Carlisle acknowledges that sustainability has been in his sights since he first took the position of City Manager in 2018. He notes, “Of course you can talk about it from an environmental perspective, but I’m interested in creating sustainable jobs in sustainable local industries, so that our restaurants and our shops don’t have to live on tourism dollars during the winter and then struggle in the summer. Not just construction. Not just tourism. Industry, Education, Manufacturing. These are the types of jobs that can support our businesses throughout the year, through the peaks and the valleys.” 7955 Bay Street, Suite 2, Sebastian, FL, 32958 772-388-9155 The balance of beauty and wellness. SEBAST I AN, FLOR IDA