Business View Civil and Municipal | Volume 2, Issue 12

103 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 2, ISSUE 11 looking to ensure that they are built with long- term sustainably in mind.” The handling of COVID-19 in the early days is something Mayor Allen believes is a point of pride for Springwater. He shares, “We, as a municipality, through the leadership of Jeff Schmidt, handled the COVID-19 situation very well. We kept Council and staff informed, our communication with residents and businesses was very good, and our numbers stayed down. We are very proud of that.” As the township moves forward, there has been a turnover in management, which has offered an opportunity for restructuring and review– a positive step for the community. According to Mayor Allen, “We are restructuring our corporate organization, we are updating our official plan, we’re reviewing our long range financial plan. A lot has gone on notwithstanding COVID over the last two years, and we are very proud of that. As a result, we are in a very good position financially and making a lot of progress on many different fronts.” Springwater is an idyllic collection of communities, with the charm of small town Ontario, close to the advantages of big city life. It is no wonder so many people are choosing the Township of Springwater as a place to call home. TOWNSHI P OF SPR INGWATER , ONTAR IO Wamco Waterworks has become a trusted wholesale distributor of municipal and waterwork products, with three locations to serve you. We are also a distributor of Sensus Water meters and Reading systems complete with installation and service. Wamco has maintained our personal commitment to excellence in service, products, and inventory levels. FOR MORE INFO WWW.WAMCO.CA Central Ontario’s most trusted distributor of waterworks and municipal products