Business View Civil & Municipal | Volume 2, Issue 8

34 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 2, ISSUE 8 AT A GLANCE NIAGARA FALLS, NEWYORK WHAT: A renowned international destination for tourism and business; population approx. 49,000 WHERE: On the Niagara River in western NY WEBSITE: NIAGARA FALLS, NEW YOR K I t’s tough to beat Niagara Falls, New York for the beauty and history its namesake falls provide – the Cataract City was christened the unofficial “Honeymoon Capital of the World” well over 200 years ago, and its State Park containing the three chutes that collectively form the Falls on the Niagara River is said to be the oldest one in the country. But what has benefitted the municipality (beyond the obvious mainstays of the falls themselves) and transformed its place identity from a seasonal city to one seen as being culturally vibrant, economically relevant, and richly endowed with natural resources, has been a strategy to promote it as an international destination for people to invest, work, live, and visit. In 2017, Destination Niagara USA (formerly the Niagara Tourism & Convention Corporation) unveiled a new marketing initiative designed to highlight the tangibles that make the Niagara region an iconic national and international destination: arts and culture, shopping and dining, historical attractions, and active outdoor recreation. Inspired by the brand mantra, “Where adventure comes naturally,” the key message boiled down to the image of Niagara Falls as the embodiment of America’s frontier spirit. Now, in a post-pandemic environment where global tourism is still in unchartered waters, the city is looking to develop that narrative to create new conditions for what’s possible in and around AN OUTDOOR PARADI SE IN THE EMP IRE STATE