Business View Civil & Municipal | Volume 2, Issue 8

145 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 2, ISSUE 8 Peterborough over the past 50 years. According to Therrien, “There has been a lot of money going there for expansion. It’s technically situated in the county of Peterborough, but we pay all the freight to keep that airport running. There have been upgrades done like stormwater management and recently the city has struck its Airport Strategic Initiatives Committee to talk about ways to keep supporting that airport going forward and taking advantage of economic opportunities that will come, especially when things get back to normal for air travel. Toronto Pearson Airport is going to be at capacity very soon, so there are some businesses there that are looking to move to smaller communities.” Part of the airport expansion plan included lengthening the 7000-foot runway to accommodate large aircraft. Looking forward to fully reopening the City of Peterborough at the end of COVID, Mayor Therrien shares her thoughts on planning for the future. “We are just continuing to figure out how to adapt and come through COVID, but then also how to be proactive and plan for a more resilient city so that if a health crisis like this hits again, we are ready. A year and a half ago, none of us were thinking about this, but it’s made us realize that we need to have some plans. Our emergency bylaw for the city was designed to deal with a flood or a fire. A quick natural emergency that was then finished and you could clean it up. A public health emergency is very different, so we’re working on a new bylaw to take the lessons that we’ve learned from COVID and make sure we are prepared next time to keep industry and employment sustained during these types of events.” With so many diverse opportunities and unique experiences, Peterborough is a perfect place to live, learn, and discover. It has something for everyone. Specializing in integration technology for education and business applications Education • Business/Government • Home Electronics Satellite TV • Service/Installations • Rentals 705-743-8622 WWW.LRBROWN.COM 674 THE PARKWAY PETERBOROUGH, ONTARIO PETERBOROUGH, ONTAR IO