Business View Civil & Municipal | Volume 2, Issue 8

11 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 2, ISSUE 8 Nathaniel T. Hahn, Executive Director Evansville Regional Airport, Evansville, Indiana: “I think it’s fantastic. Richard Branson was up there remembering as a child that he once watched space travelers, and now kids would have been watching him and becoming inspired to follow his footsteps. I think nearly everyone in the aviation industry aspires to have the opportunity to go to space.” Eric Faulkner, President & CEO Citizens National Bank, Bluffton, Ohio: “Well, it’s a technology thing, right? So, it makes me excited. Although would I be booking a ticket? If I asked my wife that question, she would tell me a resounding “Hell no!” and I would say she’s probably correct, because I don’t have very many fears in life but heights are one of them. So, it probably would not be my cup of tea, if you would, but man, it sure is exciting to see what’s up there and what we’re doing to kind of recharge a space program that’s been gone for a few years. I started my career working as a government contractor for NASA. So that’s dear to my heart.” Brad Grose, President & CEO of Alpha Construction, Winesburg, Ohio: “Technology is astounding in how far we’ve come. And it’s also a continued benefit of capitalism in the U.S. You have some very intelligent people driving industries that a few years ago never would have been dreamed of Power Question What are your thoughts on the recent ‘tourist’ space flights? Would you consider booking a ticket to space in the next few years?