Civil Municipal Magazine Aug 2023

60 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 4, ISSUE 8 PREFERRED VENDOR/PARTNER n Riverside EpiCenter The Riverside EpiCenter was opened in 2014 by Bishop Dale C. Bronner and Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral. The bishop presented the idea when the church discussed creating something transformational in the community. Pronounced Epee-center, the venue’s name was inspired by a geologic event, “where an earthquake happens: we’re at the center of a lot of rumbling, a lot of diversity,” Boyd said. But he laughed, admitting that people prefer to pronounce it another way: EPIC-center. “At first, we corrected people. But after a while, we just embraced it. If you look up the word, ‘EPIC,’ you’ll notice that it is defined as, ‘impressively grand.’ When you come into the facility, everything about it is ‘impressively grand.’ The fact that a church did this is even more impressive. It really is a fitting name. We just ran with it.” n Austell Gas System Austell Natural Gas System is a utility company that is a component of the City of Austell and serves residential, commercial, and industrial customers in portions of Cobb and Douglas Counties. The company strives for customer excellence while delivering the core values of safety, service, and price. n Piedmont Bank n Sekisui SPR Americas LLC we continue doing those things that are job creators to provide jobs where our citizens don’t have to go so far to go to work. I definitely want it to be a destination place and to be able to fulfill what is the desire of many today, and that is having that live, work, and play community. We are doing a very good job of that.”