Civil Municipal Magazine Aug 2023

150 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 4, ISSUE 8 we purchased through private money,” the mayor revealed. “We tore it down and put in an outdoor sand volleyball court there, so we could have more outdoor recreation areas and start getting leagues and games together. Our recreation department also runs youth basketball for the City of London, as well as youth volleyball, which has hundreds of kids in the programs. Now, we are working towards a new community center with a couple of gyms and a field turf area. That will be our next big project.” When asked what the future may look like for London, the Mayor doesn’t hesitate with his answer. Over the next two years, he said, the City will be “focused on more growth and getting more businesses in here,” adding, “We want people to come here, live here, work here, and shop here. That’s going to be our focus: managed growth, so we have the right stuff, and people will come here and love it and want to tell their friends about it!” PREFERRED VENDOR/ PARTNER n GRA-MAG We are creating something new at GRA- MAG. Our main objective is to provide drivers with the ultimate performance experience in comfort and control. GRA- MAG remains committed to developing seat systems that prioritize comfort, performance, body health, safety, and reducing driver fatigue. n Westwood Collective