Civil Municipal Magazine Aug 2023

120 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 4, ISSUE 8 PREFERRED VENDOR/PARTNER n Tempo Fire & Security To support the town’s growth, Jackson says that several infrastructure projects are underway. Among these is a planned upgrade to eight miles of a highway in partnership with the state. An intersection update has already been completed, and there are plans to update five additional intersections and construct a new one for an estimated investment of $20 million. “We’re going to add traffic signals, and we are going to be widening three miles that desperately need to be widened by 10 feet. We’re going to synchronize all the lights. We’re going to have the most modern updated bypass that runs through the middle of town,” Jackson portrays. Another collaboration with the state involves the replacement of a bridge over Lake Harrison in the downtown area, with an estimated cost of $9 million. Improvements to Goblin Drive, which has already seen the completion of the first of three phases, include the replacement of another bridge, costing approximately $3 million. Part of the remaining $6 million will be allocated toward the construction of three roundabouts as part of the project. On the subject of water and sewer upgrades, Jackson suggests that Harrison is in good condition and can easily handle more industry. This is also true for connectivity in the community, which has been fully upgraded, including the installation of several 5G towers and the presence of fiber-optic connections provided by Cox Communications, covering approximately 90% of the city. Multiple cable internet providers, such as Kinetic by Windstream and Ritter, also have a presence in the community, offering high-speed capabilities to support the needs of new companies and organizations. Highlighting the significance of robust community leadership, Mayor Jackson underscores the collaborative efforts between various entities in Harrison. From the chamber of commerce, North Arkansas College, city, and county to the police, sheriff, tourism committee, school district, hospital, and more, these leaders consistently come together to prioritize the community’s well-being. “I believe the reason for most of the success behind the dynamic growth we’re experiencing is that we have all the community leaders working together. We meet regularly, and we try to do what’s best for the people of Harrison,” he concludes.