Business View Civil & Municipal Apr-2023

17 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 4, ISSUE 4 S TONY PL A I N , ALB ER TA ith a population of 19,000 Stony Plain is a progressive community, located in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region of Alberta. As the most western community in the region, the town is the self-proclaimed Western Gateway, linking Edmonton Metropolitan Region with western Alberta through major transportation corridors including highways 16, 16A, 628, and 729. Currently, Stony Plain is experiencing strong growth, while remaining deeply proud and connected to its agricultural history and committed to continuing this legacy into its future. Mayor William Choy says the town is working to ensure they have the infrastructure in place to support the anticipated 2 to 3 percent annual growth expected in Stony Plain over the next 15 years. This effort has included a $70 million investment in a major north/south corridor and $15 million to replace aging infrastructure in Stony Plain’s downtown and update its street scape. W With an enviable lifestyle, dynamic growth, and outdoor splendor; Stony Plain, Alberta is not to be missed ALBERTA’S WESTERN G FOR BUSINESS