Business View Civil and Municipal | April/May 2022

29 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 3, ISSUE 3 FA I RV I EW HE IGHTS , I LL INOI S but, about a year ago, we implemented a single hauler system,” reflects Mayor Kupsky. “It’s more efficient and drove the cost down. The response has been extremely positive.” Most recently, Fairview Heights began work to transform its historic Lincoln Trail District, the city’s first commercial corridor, into an arts district. A group of artists and investors have begun assembling property and funding for a sculpture park and, eventually, a non-profit community arts center, and the city has applied for funding through Illinois’ Rebuild Downtowns & Main Streets Capital Grant Program to make streetscape improvements in support of the effort. City leaders are also looking forward to progress in renewing the appeal of St. Clair Square, the community’s flagship retail center. While the pandemic and associated lockdowns impacted the mall’s sales and helped drive owner CBL