Business View Civil and Municipal | April/May 2022

14 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 3, ISSUE 3 Over the last 15 years, we’ve been privileged to collaborate with the Town on many public-realm improvement projects, including their: • Downtown Blueprint • Town Rebrand • Downtown Business Façade Program • Wayfinding + Interpretive Signage Program • the 1st phase of Main Street’s redevelopment The latest Main Street Redevelopment project is a culmination of all these efforts and a reflection of the Town’s deep commitment to great place making. Thank you again for the honour and recognition. What an incredible way to end our week.” An excerpt from the RAIC press release: Small or Medium Community Urban Design Award  Award of Excellence  Yarmouth Main Street Redevelopment Phase 2 (Yarmouth, NS)  Fathom Studio    “This project re-imagines the relationship between people and their ‘Main Street’. The project highlights the town’s unique setting for visitors and the local community in the public realm. The region-specific design language reinforces Yarmouth’s sense of place and creates an unforgettable experience. This project brings to life the community’s needs and aspirations through clever and carefully considered design details. Yarmouth’s Main Street is an example of what other municipalities can do to instill a sense of pride within their community and attract people and business to their region and downtowns.”    Congratulations to the excellent team at Fathom Studio for receiving this very deserving award and for helping guide the Town of Yarmouth with its downtown revitalization. To read the entirety of the National Urban Design Awards press release, please visit: https:// national-urban-design-awards To learn more about the Yarmouth Main Street Redevelopment Phase 2 project, please visit: redevelopment-phase-iii