Business View Civil and Municipal | April 2021

52 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL ARIL 2021 community development over the next 25 years. This money has allowed Anaconda to add its many amenities, rejuvenate the area, and rebrand itself, all while incurring zero debt. “From an economic standpoint, from our settlement, we actually have some very substantial dollars that we can use to attract and assist new businesses and development,” says Everett. “And that’s why we’ve been so fortunate with these new companies coming in. We got a great settlement and now we’re using that to repurpose our community.” Looking to the future, the goal is to keep up the pace of rejuvenation, and see Anaconda- Deer Lodge County continue to shine. As Everett attests, “We’re starting to see a good amount of dollars come into our community and healthy businesses that help support that market. That’s been fantastic. We just want to get healthier as a community and that’s happening.” PREFERRED VENDORS/ PARTNERS n Glacier Bank n Anaconda Disposal Service