Jersey Precast

2 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 9 JERSEY PRECAST AND CONCRETE SAFETY SYSTEMS The strength of teamwork J ersey Precast and its subsidiary, Concrete Safety Systems, are thriving precast and pre-stressed concrete manufacturers based in Hamilton Township, New Jersey, and Bethel, Pennsylvania, respectively. Founded almost 40 years ago, the two companies undertake significant multi-million dollar projects in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Ohio, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Washington D.C. metropolitan areas. Among the Tri-state region’s largest precast and pre-stressed concrete service providers, Jersey Precast and Concrete Safety Systems have completed notable projects, including LaGuardia Airport West Garage and the World Trade Center Transportation Hub Project, both in New York City. Customer satisfaction and employee empowerment are the cornerstone of their corporate philosophy, reflected in what it describes as its core strength. “Teamwork is the foundation of our company culture,” says George Hand II, General Manager, Jersey Precast. “Working together daily through every aspect and always trying to be thoughtful of each other when getting the job done.” “In this day and age, adding and retaining employees is challenging, so having several employees who have been with us 30-plus years helps strengthen that team concept,” adds Rashid Baig, General Manager, Concrete Safety Systems.