10 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 9 With a great need for affordable housing, winning the YMCA bid allowed Element5 to dispel the belief that mass timber is more expensive than other forms of construction. “To everyone’s surprise, we were the lowest bidder and won the project, which we delivered, contract-to- occupancy, in under a year. We have productized those designs and have a huge pipeline of opportunities as part of the solution to the affordable housing crisis.” The company is currently tweaking the designs to supply market segments like retirement homes, student residences, and hotel sectors. Assisting the company are design and architectural partners like Edge Architects led by Matt Bowen and Tye Farrow of Farrow Partners. As the construction industry grapples with the affordable housing crisis, Element5 is transitioning from a shotgun approach to projects to targeting projects that better align with resolving this crisis. At first, the company tried ELEMENT5 LP How do you run your business? Are you doing weekly planning on a whiteboard? Do you keep track of inventory in spreadsheets? Can you measure performance against key performance indicators? Does your business have lots of data, but it exists in silos and requires time- consuming and error-prone manual processes before it can be shared across business units? In today’s fast-moving, increasingly competitive business environment, processes that are “good enough” are no longer good enough. Today’s organizations need complete enterprise-wide visibility and the ability to collaborate across the business. They need the flexibility to quickly respond to a changing market and grow and expand the business to take advantage of new opportunities—ideally, before the competition. Organizations that rely on aging systems and manual processes will quickly fall behind. Not only do modern ERP systems touch and connect virtually every operational corner of a business, they also help foster a data-driven mindset across the business. In doing so, they empower key stakeholders to leverage this information for critical decision-making that can grow the business and increase the bottom line. Infor’s purpose- built software for industrial manufacturing helps manufacturers turn data insights into greater productivity and powerful customer experiences—sustainably and profitably. ...... For more information, please visit our website www.infor.com Designed, Engineered, & Built to last! Proud of our association with Element 5 Providing Material Handling Solutions to the Lumber, Steel, & Automotive Industries for more than 50 years! www.almac.com | Aurora, ON | (905)713-1377 1(800)265-3094 | sales@almac.com